Classroom Management Game

So, I invented a new game today.
It was completely necessary at the moment.
It requires zero prep and zero materials (other than a class list).
It. Works. Like. Magic!
The name of the game is ‘Last Kid Standing’. 
How to play…
1.) Give your students specific instructions to literally ANY classroom task.
– An example would be when I asked my students to 1. silently clean up, 2. stack their chairs and 3. get ready to go home. Well, 13/15 kids didn’t follow that set of direction. They were talking, playing, whistling, throwing things around, etc.

2.) Sit with your class list (I put mine into a dry erase pocket sleeve as shown here) and crossed off names every time I noticed someone that wasn’t on task based on the given instructions.

The last kid remaining at the end of the game (once all other names have been crossed off for various reasons) won a reward tag as a prize! Reward tags are small incentive tags that I pass out to my students when they show positive behaviors.

 Reward Tag Classroom Management
The best part is that my students were BEGGING to play it again tomorrow – which means that they will be more conscious of their actions when given a set of instructions. That, my friends, is what I like to call a TEACHER WIN!
Let me know if you plan to try this game or if it has worked for you in your classroom!
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