My Classroom

Here are my classroom photos from previous years:


Back to school already, and here is what I have been working on!
In the beginning, as many of you know, it just looks like one big mess. #noshame
Here is my classroom from the beginning of this school year. 
So many things EVERYWHERE!!!!! :S
As you can tell everything is a mess, however I was so excited to see that my bulletin board was being moved to a different wall to make way for a whiteboard!

New whiteboard going here!

Bulletin board moved to this little nook.

The downside is that the wall is not painted underneath. 🙁
Here is my Math Game and Manipulative Cupboard

Math game Cupboard

Brag Tag Wall

What ‘stuck’ with you today board

WBT Rules for my kiddos

Duo-Tang classwork storage
More angles of my room

Ready for Meet the teacher ^ v

Miss Pich’s Batch of Smart Cookies Back to School Bulletin Board