Classroom Reveal 2014/2015

My Classroom – 2014-2015

Welcome to my classroom! This is my first year in this room. There was is a lot of shifting, changing and altering my room to fit all of my needs. Here is a tiny preview of what my room looks like.

This was the beginning of the year before I really had any sense of how I wanted things to be laid out.

I was able to collect a few tables from around my school that weren’t being used! It was fantastic! They were nice and big and wooden and MATCHING! That made my ‘type A’ heart happy!

The far wall consisted of a chalk board and a bulletin board. I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with this space yet, but I do want to showcase that chalk board. 🙂


So many bulletin boards! I don’t even know how to lay out this classroom. It has so many bulletin boards on the wall!

Here is an overall look of this space. Do you notice the math symbols on the floor in the tile? It’s pretty fun! I don’t yet know how I feel about the green walls. There is just so, so, so much green. But, what can I do? We aren’t allowed to paint…


Accessories it is, I guess!

Since then, I have made a bunch of changes.. including a LOT of organization!
Here is my room once I was able to add some of my final touches. This is my second year teaching so I haven’t had the chance to accumulate very much yet. Let’s see how much stuff I can collect this year! 🙂 I hope you have an awesome year. Check back to see my next year classroom design!
I’m thinking pirates, brights or bold designs. Something that is a little bit more adorable than the mish-mash of stuff that I have this year.