About Me

My name is Holly and I’m the author here at Apple-y Ever After. I am entering into my 5th year of teaching, 3 of which have been in grade 3. I honestly love grade 3 and would stay here for a long time if I was given the opportunity.

Being born into a large family (with 4 sisters, 3 brothers, 2 parents and so many pets that I cannot even count) I have always been around children and LOVED playing games, toys or ‘teacher’ with them. You know, how you make dashed line letters by hand so that your younger siblings can trace them. Everyone did that, right?

Fast forward to my adult life, I am now the proud mama to one special little boy. We work together to keep each other sane and we also work together to drive each other crazy. What are families for, right?

I am an adventure seeker at heart and am always looking for a something new to try. I love skydiving, travel and delicious sweets. I probably like them more than a person should, but calories don’t count when you are on summer break, teaching, or busy with life, right? Someone please link a good health blog for me. Ha! 

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store in 2013 by accident when I was student teaching. My Teacher Leader suggested it to me. She told me that I should sell the things that I make because they would help other teachers who aren’t so creative. I really enjoy creating resources for my own classroom. I love creating BRAG TAGS, Math games, and classroom decor the most though there are many things in my store that do not fit into one of those categories. If I am able to help another teacher in the creation process then I’m happy!