How to make your Guided Math Game Envelopes

How to make your Guided Math Game Envelopes

Manilla Envelope
Math Game Cover Page/Rules
Velcro Dots
Math Label
Math Labels (Click Here to download)

1. Print off your Game Header & glue to the front of your envelope.

2. Decide how many players you want this game to have or use the suggested players from the game you are using. Glue this onto the top flap of your game.
These math game labels can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

3. Decide what materials your students will need to use. Cut these out and glue them under the flap on the envelope. These prevent students from asking “what do I need for this game?”
These can also be downloaded from HERE.

4. Glue any instructions or extra items student may need at hand onto the back
(hundred chart for a 100 chart game – to reference)

5. Laminate – make sure the flap is up – not folded over!

6. Use Scissors to slit the seal open 
7. Add velcro dots to the flap of the envelope to keep it closed and prevent you from losing game pieces. I purchased mine for $1.00 (for 16 sets) at my local dollar store.
8. Add game to the envelope and VOILA!

If you would like to see games designed especially for this, CLICK HERE!