Teacher Approved STRUCTURE Videos for Science!

One of my favourite subjects to teach is Science!  In my province, grade 3 is lucky enough to get to teach all about structures! 
All those awesome STEM activities, hands on building projects are all a part of the curriculum that I get to teach! If you are one of the lucky ones that gets to teach about structures too, you may find a few ideas on this post about how to introduce your students to this fun and hands on topic! 
When I teach about Materials and Structures, I always like to give my students hands on activities to learn through inquiry, interactive notebook pages so that they have information to look back at and  even visual information through videos. 
Here is a list of TEACHER APPROVED and STUDENT LOVED videos about structures to help your students understand as much as possible in this awesome science unit!

Your students also need to know that sometimes structures fail! Engenieers need to consider many factors when they look at building structures such as bridges. Building a bridge that does not consider the force of wind is a sure fire way to have a structure (or bridge) come crashing down!
This video has some AMAZING LEGO STRUCTURES! Your students will go NUTS for these!

This video contains some amazing structures from around the world. The person speaking in this video moves along quite quickly, but this video does have some really good discussion points that you can bring up with your class.  

None of the videos shown belong to me, however I do hope that some of these videos make it into your classrooms so that you and your students can enjoy them!

Here is a pinterest image if you would like to save this for the future! 
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