Currently in December — Already?

I can’t believe it’s already December. I can’t believe how quickly this month is going by. That being said, who doesn’t have a million things to do? So, this is a short and sweet post today.

1.) My son was watching Stewart Little HOURS ago. It loops when its done playing. I think i’m on round 3 of this movie, simply because I have not taken the 4 seconds to turn it off. Ever done that? I hope it’s not just me… 
2.) I got myself a new elf sweater! It’s super super comfy cute! Every year at school we have a Christmas Store. People from the community donate gently used items, then every student brings in 25 cents and chooses something for a friend or family member. After that, students go to the library where our school volunteer helpers assist them in wrapping, ribboning and labelling their gifts. It is a very exciting time… SO, that being said, I decided that wearing my elf shirt today was a great choice! 
3.)Thinking – Seriously, this month is flying by, but I’m so ready for holidays to start. What a long and crazy month we STILL HAVE AHEAD OF US!
4.)WANTING -my house to clean itself. I think this on is self explanatory. 
5.) Needing –  a nap, a large large large cup of coffee and a giant hunk of chocolate. Those are the things that fuel my soul. 
6.) I so wish I was able to still get a real christmas tree, however being a full time mom, teacher, maid.. (insert many other appropriate professions here), I just don’t have the time to go on a tree hunt or to want to clean up all the needles that are associated with it!
Thanks for popping in!

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  • Your blog is adorable!I'm so glad I found it through the Currently linky. I'm nodding my head YES at your "needing," lol. We still have 1.5 days left til break! Have a wonderful holiday! Jen

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