Tricks & Treats Halloween Hop

Hello spooky friends!!

Velcomme to zee Triks and Treats Halloveen Blog Hop & Geevaway!! Did you read that like Dracula? 10 points if you did!

I’m so excited that you are here, and I can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting things we do in my class to make Halloween a spook-tacular celebration!

In my school, we participate in many fun Halloween events! In my classroom, the festivities last all month long! In my classroom, the festivities are even more amplified! I LOVE HALLOWEEN and since I don’t have any families who do not celebrate, I have a license to spook (don’t worry, I’m not that scary). Here I am with my cuties during Halloween last year!

Me and my dwarves (see what I did there?)
The leader in our Halloween Parade! I really did feel famous with all that waving…
Halloween Fun!
In my classroom, I am all about games for students to learn with. I teach a very diverse class and as such am always looking for new ways to teach them new skills. One of the things we have been working on is number patterns and skip counting. For my class, tallies are still a skill that we are trying to foster into our day. We tally boys and girls who are present in class, we tally objects around the room. These things are easy, but the part that my students struggle with is counting by 5s when adding them up! 
Frankenstein to the rescue! I created this fun frankenstein matching game for my kiddos with the idea in mind that I really wanted to get them familiar with this concept. I wanted them to be independent in counting tallies by skip counting by 5’s and I want them to have fun while doing it so that they remember it easier.

Here is what this fun activity looks like! Notice the scar tallies on these bad boys? My kiddos LOVE this. They count the scars and get to match the number of tallies.

I like to use these cards with my students in a number of ways.

1.) I use this during introductory guided math lessons with my students so that I can see that they are doing it correctly.
2.) I use them during whole class instruction so that we can learn together.
3.) I have a ‘roam the room’ activity where each student has one card, and the other one is hiding around the room. My students have a scavenger hunt to find the card that matches the tally or number that they have.
4.) Partner Match – Students get one card each, and they need to find their partner with the matching number/tally on it.


This pack is normally for sale in my store, but because I LOVE halloween I will be making this package FREE FOR 1 WEEK! Grab it now while you can! If you like it, I’d love to hear from you! Feedback always makes my day a little brighter! 🙂

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Don’t forget to haunt on over to Najda’s
post to continue on our spooktacular event! 

If you like this package, you may also want to check out my frankenstein craftivity pack!
This pack includes both writing and math pages that you can customize with your Frankenstein holder! 🙂

Happy Haunting! Good luck in the giveaway, and I hope you find this freebie useful! 🙂

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