Writer’s Workshop and Design Process Packages!

So, a couple months back I created a writer’s workshop package for my classroom, printed it, hung it up and have been loving it ever since! Since then, I forgot to post it, blog about it, and talk about how much I love it – UNTIL I was requested to make a Forest Animal Theme one to match the forest animal theme classroom set that I had created. Well, Here is my chance to tell you all about this organizational genius that I created.

Here are the two I created… the first one is the one I actually have hanging in my classroom right now. It has been used and abused since I took this picture, but here it is!

How I use my Writer’s Workshop Board

Firstly, I group my students so that there are every level of learner sitting with me, from low to high. This way, I can work consistently with my lower students, but offer help to my medium and higher kids in between. If I keep lower lever students all grouped together, I find I don’t have enough attention to give them all at once. 
When it is writer’s workshop time, I give my students the opportunity (most of the time) to choose what they want to write about. When they are stuck for ideas, I send them to get a story wheel where they can create their own stories in a topic they are interested about.
Students have 1 or 2 days to write their story depending on the speed of their writing and the flow of their ideas. When students are ‘done’ writing, I give them a red pen and allow them to edit them for themselves. This is usually day 2 (or 3). 
The next day, when they are finished editing, and adding ideas and changing their stories, I invite them to my table to read their stories to the group they are with at that time. Everyone listens, tells the author their favourite part, and if they notice anything that doesn’t make sense. This is where we talk about their punctuation, capitals, and everything else that I expect to see in their story. 
After they are done that part, 1 of 2 things happens. 
1.) I will type up their book, fix the mistakes and print it out for them to illustrate
2.) They will type it up and illustrate it
I usually get to see each student about once per week in a conference on top of visiting them while I do my walk around. 
I usually have time to meet with one group a day, and I have 4-5 groups working at a time depending on where the students are in their writing process. 
This writer’s workshop is awesome. It has transformed the way I interact with my kids, and the way my students think about their writing in the best way possible!
On my writer’s workshop writing process board, I currently use the little black chalkboard labels with them, and move my students along as they progress through their writing. Those will be included as editable labels in this package. 
Here is the other package I just created. It is super cute! I might just have to switch to this set! This is the Green Forest Animal Theme Writer’s Workshop set
It also includes EDITABLE NAME TAGS  and EDITABLE group tags that you can add your students names to as well. 

Isn’t it adorable? 
I love those labels so much! 
This package can also be purchased as part of the 
Forest Animal Theme Bundle – over 300 pages!

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