Little Monster Math!

Ahh, the best day of the week. MONDAY! Yes, I know most people think of Monday as the hardest and worst day of the week, but I think of Monday as a fresh start to planning and prepping for the week.

Last week, I created and posted my Little Monsters Addition and Subtraction package. This math package has so many uses already within my classroom and my kids just love it!

This package includes:

– Doubles Addition (18 cards)

– Doubles Subtraction (18 cards)

– Addition without regrouping (24 cards)

– Addition with regrouping (24 cards)

– Subtraction without regrouping (24 cards)

– Subtraction with regrouping (24 cards)

– Little Monster Scoot – Recording Sheet

– Little Monster Scavenger Hunt – Recording sheet

– Little Monster Math – Recording sheet (for use as a centre)

– Little Monster recording sheet – blank title for multi purpose use

Here are the ways I originally created these cards to be used for:

Scavenger Hunt
Flash Cards
Math Centres

New!  Heads Up
Today, I used it in a different way!
We played Heads Up with Head Bands!

It was so easy! All I did was give my students ½ a piece of construction paper (cut the long way – like a hot dog), asked them to cut it into 2 strips, glue them together, and turn it into a head band! Then they glued one of the cards to their forehead (headband)! We played it where we all sat in a circle, and moved around when we needed to read a different question. 

Students were asked to write down the questions from their friends’  forehead onto their recording sheet, and solve the problem. Students would continue to scoot around the room until they found number 1-13 (the number of students I had in my room at the time). 

It was interactive, fun and had students engaged the whole time! Some of the comments included:

“Can we play this tomorrow?”
“I wonder if my mom can do this math. I’ll ask her.”

I would love to hear of any other ways or ideas to use these awesome math cards! Let me know! 🙂

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