Traffic Light Behaviour Management (WITH A FREEBIE!)

Well, we are well into the school year. That being said, have your behaviour problems dissolved? Mine haven’t. That brings me to my post – The Behaviour Management Traffic Light! #thestruggleisreal If you are a genius at making that happen, please tell me all your secrets! I’ll pay you a dollar (what can I say, […]

Remembrance Day…

Hello folks, So, I had such a great idea for remembrance day writing the other day. My Co-op teacher was away, so my plan was to discuss John McCrae and we were going to write a wonderful long and detailed story about why Remembrance Day is so important, and talk all about all the lives […]

CURRENTLY in October!

So, the awesome Farly over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade hosts a monthly link up about what you are currently doing…  Here is mine!  Currently: Listening: Sunday Night Football. Need I say more? My other half is currently watching the game, I’m blogging on the couch beside him listening to all the sounds of man glory. […]

Math Monday Maddness

Hello friends! Today for ‘MATH MONDAY MADNESS’ I want to share a tip about my favourite math games, tips and ideas. As we all know, dice games can be loud. I have seen many teachers express interest in using small containers for dice so they don’t go flying around. While I do think that is […]

TpT Store Makeover

Ok Peeps. Let’s be honest here for a minute. I started my TpT journey about 2 years ago now. The things I put up there – some were great. Some – what the heck was I thinking! Today was a day of literally taking off my ‘hoarding goggles’ and looking at my store with a […]