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Teaching the Difference between Toys and Tools

Teaching the Difference between Toys and Tools

We all have those days. Picture this… So, here I go again. I give students a mini whiteboard and a marker and then I turn around to draw something on my whiteboard only to turn back around and see that ½ of my students are drawing pictures of cats wearing funny hats and actually not […]

Guided Math – Increase Student Accountability

Guided math is one of my favourite times of the day. It gives me the opportunity to work with my students in a small group setting and allows the other students to build their independent work skills, work with friends and sharpen their math skills through technology. In Guided Math, my students are grouped by […]

Traffic Light Behaviour Management (WITH A FREEBIE!)

Well, we are well into the school year. That being said, have your behaviour problems dissolved? Mine haven’t. That brings me to my post – The Behaviour Management Traffic Light! #thestruggleisreal If you are a genius at making that happen, please tell me all your secrets! I’ll pay you a dollar (what can I say, […]

Math Monday Maddness

Hello friends! Today for ‘MATH MONDAY MADNESS’ I want to share a tip about my favourite math games, tips and ideas. As we all know, dice games can be loud. I have seen many teachers express interest in using small containers for dice so they don’t go flying around. While I do think that is […]